Aubrey Destremps in Wicked Deeds Video

omething wicked this way comes in this themed set from newcomer Aubrey Destremps!
Start celebrating Halloween early with her debut pictorial, “Wicked Deeds,” is out on Playboy Love today!
Enjoy this Scene Video and Pictures HD called Aubrey Destremps in Wicked Deeds – Playboy Muses

Playboy Model: Aubrey Destremps


Aubrey Destremps in Wicked Deeds Video Playboy Playboy Muses

Something wicked this way comes in this themed pictorial from newcomer Aubrey Destremps. On set with the photographer, Carianne Older, Aubrey makes one hell of a debut. “I don’t remember when exactly I first discovered Playboy because I feel like it’s been around my entire life,” says Aubrey. “I do know it’s always been a name I aspired to work with,” she adds, dressed in all red lingerie and rubber gloves. “This experience has been very exciting and positive for me.” Working on her best evil laugh as the camera snaps away, it’s clear Aubrey was the perfect fit for this Halloween-themed shoot. “Posing nude isn’t intimidating when you can do it in the right creative environment,” she shares. “Empowerment means different things for different women, but I feel most empowered when I do things like shoot for Playboy! To own your body and be comfortable in nothing but your own skin for the world to see is an accomplishment.” In the spooky spirit yet? Stick around for more pictorials like this, right here on Playboy Plus.

Aubrey Destremps in Wicked Deeds