Eliza Ibarra in Feeling Flirty Video

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Playboy Model: Eliza Ibarra


Eliza Ibarra in Feeling Flirty Video Playboy Adult Stars

Eliza Ibarra’s positive energy is infectious in this second feature as our November 2021 All Star. Dressed in white Playboy Bunny attire, Eliza poses for her close-up before a gray backdrop as the photographer, Maddie Córdoba, captures her. “There’s so much to laugh about,” shares Eliza whe n we asked about her sunny disposition. “I’m a light-hearted, optimistic person. More importantly, I’d describe myself as loving and nurturing.” For Eliza, life is about growth. “I’m passionate about becoming a better version of myself every day,” she shares. “Whether that’s finding new hobbies to include in [my] routine or doing more self-reflecting on life and what makes [me] happy.” When it comes to her career, being nude in front of cameras comes naturally for Eliza, and she shared that she’s proud of how much she’s accomplished in the industry in just a few years. “Realizing everything you need is already within you is an empowering feeling,” she shares thoughtfully. “Female empowerment, to me, is living fearlessly— pursuing your passions and dreams and not letting anyone or anything get in the way of what you want to achieve.” Loving these November features from All Star, Eliza Ibarra? Stay tuned for another gallery and video coming soon on Playboy Plus.

Eliza Ibarra in Feeling Flirty Video