Lily Andrews in Love Letters Video

“I am sexy, smart, hardworking — one doesn’t negate the other; in fact, it enhances who you are.” Lily Andrews debut gallery is out on Playboy Love today!
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Playboy Model: Lily Andrews


Lily Andrews in Love Letters Video Playboy Muses

Meet Lily Andrews in her debut pictorial by the photographer Tina Louise. With her nose in a book, this set is not too far off from Lily’s typical day. “Model [and] full-time nursing student,” says Lily of her occupation. “Some words I live by? ‘I want it all.’ I say this to myself constantly. I want to be a student, a nurse, a wife, [and] a Playmate.” On the location of a beautiful home in Los Angeles, this Newport Beach native tells us more about herself as the camera snaps away. “I’d say I’m empathetic and outgoing. I love having a good time,” she says. When she’s not modeling or studying, Lily is hanging out by the water or exploring. “I love going to the beach, playing billiards with a cold beer, or hiking with my pup!” Stay tuned for more from Lily, right here on Playboy Plus.

Lily Andrews in Love Letters