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Playboy Model: La Toya Jackson


Looking Back with La Toya Video Playboy Celebrities

Travel back to 1989 with the one and only La Toya Jackson. We’re looking back at the King of Pop’s sister’s famous Playboy cover shoot. On set with the photographer Stephen Wayda, at the Neil Simon Theater in New York, La Toya poses with a motorcycle and a 60-pound boa constrictor — two things she loves. “We grew up with lots of pets, and there were always snakes around,” she told us. “I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous working with it. I just love snakes. I was kind of disappointed there was only one.” As for the bike, we just had to have one on set, too. “I’ve always felt that women on motorcycles look powerful, strong,” said La Toya. “No matter what qualities you associate with a woman, you always change your idea when you see her on a motorcycle Playboy Plus.

Looking Back with La Toya