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Playboy Model: Tanerélle


Playmate December 2020: Tanerélle Video Playboy Playmates

“I’m still speechless at the magic in the air that day,” recalls Tanerélle of her December 2020 Playmate shoot. On a beautiful set with the photographer, Sasha Samsonova, Tanerélle is a creative force. “My experience was nothing short of magical. The looks were iconic, and we were met by s uch a beautiful full moon when we wrapped,” says Tanerélle of that day. “It lit a fire in me in the most wonderful way. By the end of the day, it felt like we had become a little family. It was such an emotional day living out this dream.” For Tanerélle, being a Playmate is a dream, an act of self-love, an offering to women who look like her, and a protest. “My body, my mind, and my artistic expression are my protest against the patriarchy. My temple is mine. It makes me feel beautiful; it empowers me. Like it, love it, or keep it moving,” she says. “Growing up, I didn’t see myself reflected much of anywhere. I’m willing to put myself everywhere so kids never have to ask, ‘where do I go because I don’t see me?’” Learn more about our December 2020 Playmate right here on Playboy Plus.

Playmate December 2020: Tanerélle