River in Al Fresco Video

“I believe the most important quality a person can have is authenticity.” Meet newcomer, River.
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Playboy Model: River


River in Al Fresco Video Playboy Muses

I believe the most important quality a person can have is authenticity,” says newcomer River. On location in San Francisco, California, River is proud to make her Playboy Plus debut with the photographer, Sophia Sinclair. “I feel liberated,” smiles River, posing with a paintbrush in-hand. A true creative, River is always aiming to challenge herself when it comes to her art. “I felt very comfortable on set and loved being able to share and pose with my paintings,” she says. “I don’t have much painting experience, so I enjoyed the fact that this challenged me and gave me the opportunity to express a side of myself that usually doesn’t come out to play.” For River, there is so much joy that comes from posing nude. “There is nothing to hide behind — no sexy outfit, no fancy high-heels; it’s just you and your naked body,” she says. “I celebrate and praise my body. I am eternally grateful for this vessel of mine.” Get to know River better, right here on Playboy Plus.

River in Al Fresco